Flu Vaccines (2022)

Sep 29, 2022 | General, Medical Updates

When you see pumpkins on doorsteps, it’s time to schedule your child’s flu vaccine. We are already beginning to see rising case counts of influenza in our practice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, influenza has become frequently overlooked. While the exact timing of flu season varies year to year, a few facts remain consistent: there will be flu cases, flu is dangerous (for children and their caretakers), and the flu vaccine is a safe, effective way to protect our community.

It is important to note that, according to the CDC, there is no need to separate flu and COVID vaccine administration. These two vaccines may be given days apart, on the same day, or even at the same visit.

Pediatric Associates of Cheshire offers the flu vaccine from the end of August until March. Children are eligible beginning at 6 months of age. Young children who are receiving the flu vaccine for the first time should receive a booster shot at least 1 month after the first shot. Call our office to schedule a flu vaccine clinic appointment, or ask your child’s pediatrician about the flu vaccine at his or her next checkup.

For more information about the flu vaccine, see our previous blog post on the subject.
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